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Our guide, Sarah, did an outstanding job of going off script and telling us about ‘her’ Portland, both the good and the challenging. She infused the history with contemporary anecdotes and added personal preferences which helped with our restaurant and attraction selections later in our visit. — Nancy, London

My wife and I had great weather, and a great tour guide for this meandering tour of some of Portland’s loveliest neighourhoods and best food trucks. Sarah knows a lot of history, and can give you the “inside scoop.” She is also humourous and accommodating. — Phyllis, Ontario

Sarah, our tour guide was phenomenal! She taught us so much about the history of the city, marijuana legalization in Portland, and all the great spots to hit while in town. — Crystal and Monique, Long Beach, CA

I was hoping to get the lay of the land and gain some knowledge about the city. I achieved both goals and then some. Because I was the only one booked for the tour my tour guide was able to get an idea of what I was interested in seeing and doing. Sarah was awesome and extremely knowledgeable about Portland’s history, architecture, art. — Ryan, Kalamazoo, MI