Sarah Gilbert, poet, lichen-lover

Sarah Gilbert is a writer, mother of three boys, and passionate bicyclist, and finds her church in the rivers and basalt walls, her gods in the lichens and mosses and trees. She is the founder of Cordilleran ToursĀ (active tours in Portland and Oregon to delight, educate and change you). She is shopping a books of essays called Invasive Species: Things I have learned outside of school. Her tour guests often ask, “did you study __ in school?” where the blank can be filled with anything from geology to botany to oenology. (The actual answer: English, journalism, operations management, finance, marketing.) She has a lot, still, to learn.


Recent reviews:

“Sarah G was our guide… She is an oft-published writer, a prolific blogger, a photographer, avid cyclist, and passionate story-teller on themes both urban and wild.”

“A very rare experience to be out in the incredibly moving, picturesque wild, yet so near to the city –and to have learned so much from Sarah.” — Buzz, New York City.

“The learning was fun and memorable – on a nice bike. My guide Sarah made me feel safe riding in an unfamiliar city and adapted her delivery to answer my many questions, with knowledge, sensitivity and good humor. I enjoyed the warm welcome and cappuccino at the Nossa Espresso Bar and meeting with a coffee roast master for an absorbing behind the scenes look at their creative process.

“I would thoroughly recommend this tour to any cyclist interested in cities and their stories” — architect, Toronto, Canada.