Edwin Skaug, mechanic, gentleman

Edwin has been riding and fixing his own bikes since he was in elementary school. For 10 years, he has owned and operated A Convenient Cycle, an evolving company meant to make cycling simpler — more convenient! — for everyone. As bike mechanic, occasional tour guide, purveyor of bike fun, and in the past few years, manager of Pedal Bike Tours and Cordilleran Tours, Edwin has worked in a variety of ways to explore his own personal and company mission: to meet cyclists where they are.

Edwin’s expertise in route design is a unique kind of storytelling that, together with the more prosaic storytelling of his partners, allows the company to create a rich tapestry of place, narrative, and the connections between each point on the tour. His mechanic knowledge and operations expertise keeps us safe and efficient on our bike rides, and his photography speaks for itself, 1,000 words at a time.