Portland is too ever-shifting for static things like travel books and top five lists. Even blog posts are written at a moment in time and times change; many of the restaurants we were enthusiastically recommending when we started this web site have passed away. The things that were new and exciting are now old regulars or just a brief memory in the 180-year history of European settlement of the place we now call Portland.

We believe the best way to see this city is with one of us, or someone like us; what we call “Original Portlandians,” people who are engaged in the city in such a deep way that it seems woven into their nerves. Many of us were born here; others moved here in our teens or twenties. Longevity and birthplace are not what makes an Original Portlandian; passion about place (and not an uncritical passion; we know this city is far from perfect) and a continuous quest for more knowledge, are. Sometimes seeing the city means following one of our “one day in Portland” blog posts. Other times it means going with us in person on a walking or hiking tour.

The city and its restaurants, wineries, breweries, hiking trails, and surrounding areas are constantly changing, with popularity of one attraction peaking and falling out of proportion with capacity and quality. Following top five lists will often get you overrated, overcrowded vacations good chiefly for bragging rights and Instagram pics. Following our guides will get you experiences that delight, educate and change you. (And also provide you some killer Instagram pics.)

The guides who populate One Day in Portland do all the creative work. Our guides’ knowledge on the subjects of the tours they create could qualify them to teach the subject. And that’s how our guides think of themselves; as engaging, passionate mobile professors with the best teaching jobs anywhere.

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