Your spirit guides to One Day in PDX

We’re pretty happy to show you our city.

But let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves. We’ve all been tour guides in both a professional and a personal manner for ages. We appreciate the city in which we live and work, but this is no blind love. We all have our favorite things, our areas of expertise, our criticisms. Let us take you more deeply into Portland than any of the other travel guides. Into a very personal Portland, a Portlandia, a garden of edible and quaffable delights, a gritty urban landscape of destructive industry and shameful prejudice, a litany of natural wondrousness, an experiment in progressiveness that doesn’t always succeed.

Sarah Gilbert, poet, lichen-lover.

Madi Carlson, cargo bike superwoman, writer.

Crystal Peterson, mystic, foodie.

Edwin Skaug, mechanic, gentleman.